Monday, February 11, 2013 @ 10:36 pm
hey, it's that girl  
My 2013 resolution: to be a better version of me.

To attempt to reach this goal is to launch a multipronged approach:

- Try to be more creative and actually turn ideas into something tangible.
- Find a job that makes me happy/feels worthwhile.
- Share more about what's going on inside of my head instead of bottling it up all of the time.
- Make more of an effort to keep in touch with friends.
- Purge items I no longer want or need.
- Read more.
- Floss more often.
- Exercise, period.

And just because it makes me smile:

My friends at Kara's are the coolest of the cool.
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 @ 05:30 pm
honey in the sun  
I'm supposed to be packing for my San Diego trip but I'm putting that off for the time being to do something else I've been putting off: Posting my backlog of culinary school projects. Collapse )

Okay, back to packing, I suppose. In terms of entertainment, I've added a bunch of new music to my iPod and I've got a copy of A Game of Thrones that I picked up at Target yesterday (I totally blame zombie_boogie). Let's do this, and by this I mean the eight-hour car ride. Let's just hope that Kimberly doesn't start drooling on me half an hour into the trip.
Sunday, April 3, 2011 @ 07:02 pm
the heart is a beating drum  
I watched Danny Boyle's stage production of Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller yesterday. Spoiler alert: It was incredible.

FrankensteinCollapse )

After this I went shopping near Union Square, which happened to be around the time a lot of people were leaving Wonder Con, which took place only a few blocks away, for the day. It was pretty hilarious to see bystanders bug out upon seeing a person dressed up as Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe wandering around the mall.

Let's see... I also watched Source CodeCollapse )

I went to Candystore Collective to get that fox cuff I mentioned about a week ago, but they didn't have it in stock so they're going to send one to me once their new shipment comes in. I don't know if I've said this yet, but I'm making some awesome sartorial choices this year. Yessir.

Question: Is there any reason to watch The Borgias besides pretty, somewhat incestuous siblings? I'd say Jeremy Irons, but I heard that he phones it in in this.
Friday, April 1, 2011 @ 09:56 pm
youth knows no pain  
April is going to be a great month. Here is the evidence with which I back my claim:

April 2: I'm going to San Francisco to see the Danny Boyle-directed stage adaptation of Frankenstein starring Jonny Lee Miller (Frankenstein) and Benedict Cumberbatch (The Creature). Shopping is most likely to follow afterward.

April 16: I'll be heading down to San Diego for Jennifer's wedding. The eight-hour car ride will suck, but everything else will be gravy.

April 23: NEW DOCTOR WHO!!!!

And even though today was April Fool's Day, an occasion I don't particularly care for, the day was pretty awesome. I got a Gyllenhaal fix with Source Code, I bought the faceted ALDO clutch I mentioned in my last entry (it's freaking gorgeous in person), I walked past Mondo Guerra of season 8 of Project Runway while on my way to the restroom at Macy's, and I capped everything off with some homemade cheese crackers. In the immortal words of Charlie Sheen: WINNING.
Tuesday, March 22, 2011 @ 09:50 pm
I don't know how Carrie Bradshaw does it.  
One of my friends is getting married in less than a month, which for me means, A) a long overdue trip to San Diego, and B) a legit opportunity to get my girly-girl on.

This is the dress I'm planning on wearing:

I had a bit of an "oh shit" moment yesterday when it occurred to me how it's sometimes frowned upon to wear white at a wedding if you're not the bride, but I spoke to a few people who assured me that I should be fine. The white isn't really a true white, especially when you can see the green slip underneath, and there's no way anyone would mistake my dress for a wedding dress. So with the dress issue out of the way, now it's time to think about accessories. I'm covered as far as shoes go (those shall be black peep toe kitten heels that my mom borrowed and put who knows where, which explains why I haven't actually a picture of them at the moment), so really all that's left is some kind of purse or clutch. I don't have a date to the wedding, which means no dude with suit pockets to carry my crap for me, hence the need for said purse. Here are things I"ve picked out thus far.Collapse )

HALP. I have given myself too many choices and now I am overwhelmed. Plus, I'm okay when it comes to picking out individual pieces but am rubbish at putting together full ensembles so for all I know, very few of my selections even work. Gimme your thoughts and opinions, please!
Sunday, March 13, 2011 @ 08:46 pm
forget cake, let them eat cookies  
Wow, it's been a month since my last entry. Eh, it's not like I have much to report. I've mostly been working at my externship site, Swiss Delices. I'm four weeks into the six-week "class" (we're receiving grades for the experience and we have to submit time sheets and journals as a way of keeping attendance) so I feel like I've just about gotten into the groove of how things operate at SD. I'm having a pretty good time for the most part. I basically spend my time assembling cakes and making cookies, the latter being one of those activities where I'm at my happiest, even when I'm making ten pound batches of cookie dough. As an aspiring pastry chef, what more could I ask for? But alas, there are shortcomings. When are there not shortcomings? Some of them are minor, like not having enough equipment, but then again, you're kind of spoiled when you come from culinary school, where there's one of everything for every student. Some of them, not so minor...

For starters, I was really excited at first to do the bread shift even though it begins at 4 AM because breads class was one of my favorites in school and I was eager to get more bread-making experience. Imagine my disappointment, then, when I found out that SD's bread baker, Yohan, doesn't speak much English. It's a bit hard to learn new skills and processes when you and your instructor have trouble communicating, especially for someone like me who learns best with clear and precise instruction. Because of this, I quickly asked for a shift change because it just didn't seem worth it to show up to work that early and not really learn anything.

A major shortcoming that SD is plagued by is the lack of communication between the employees. They all have their own projects that they are tasked with but they don't bother to inform one another of them, and so mix-ups and confusion spring up more often than they should. For instance, last Monday I was clearing the cooling rack of empty sheet pans when I noticed a shamrock-shaped cookie that I remembered having been there since Friday, if not before then. I asked Cosmo, the head cakes guy and the only other person working at the time, if I should at the very least wrap the cookie up so that it wouldn't get any more dry and stale than it already was. He told me to toss it, so I did. Later that day, Christine, SD's owner, came by and asked where the cookie had gone. When Cosmo told her what happened, she got upset and yelled, "Oh, come on!" It turns out that the cookie was baked by Yohan almost a week prior as a visual sample for a customer who was interested in ordering a batch for St. Patrick's Day. Yohan left it there on cooling rack uncovered for the longest time without bothering to put it away, and neither he nor Christine told anyone else about it, so how were Cosmo and I supposed to know? Christine started ranting about how butter cookies can last at least a week, which I feel was both unnecessary and uncalled for because the whole thing could have been avoided had the damn cookie been put away. And this wasn't the first time there have been issues like this in my short time at SD. There have been other products that were not put away properly, which caused them to get hard and dry, which then ends in Christine having to sell them at half price. Now I box stuff right away if I see it lying out because I just don't want to listen to another of these lectures.

These communication issues are what lead me to believe that if I were to be offered a paid position once my externship is done, I would have to think long and hard about accepting it because I'm not sure if I want to be in a work environment where people are only concerned with their own work and can't even take the time to inform their co-workers of what's going on.

Anyway, now that that is out of the way, let's get to the fun stuff, like the things I've made and done. (Unfortunately I don't have any visuals to share; I didn't really have time to stop my work and take pictures.)
  • I now know how to use a dough sheeter, which is this conveyor belt-like machine that rolls out dough to your desired thickness. Granted, it took some practice for me to get the hang of it. There were a few times where I couldn't get the sheeter to stop running in time and so the dough fell to the ground, rendering it unusable.

  • I've made tons and tons of batches of cookie dough, and decorated The King's Speech crown-shaped sugar cookies for an Oscar party.

  • I totally stole the bakery's coconut macaroon recipe for my own personal use because oh my gosh, they are so buttery and tasty. I did the math and it comes out to one tablespoon of butter for each golf ball-sized macaroon!

  • I nearly fell in headfirst into a barrel of cocoa powder while trying to scoop out what little remained at the bottom of the barrel.

  • I've been tasked with decorating cupcakes for a funeral (uh... yeah, I don't know why, either) which resulted in my asking, "Are dark chocolate sprinkles too much for this somber occasion?"

  • Oh, and I managed to cut myself with a tape measure. A TAPE MEASURE.

So there you have it, the life of a soon-to-be-graduating culinary student.

In a long overdue update on my dad's viewing habits, because I know how much you all appreciate that kind of thing: A few weeks ago he forwent the chick flicks and reminded us all that he is in fact a heterosexual male by buying a bunch of action movies filled with guns and explosions on Blu-ray. But then he was back to usual ways and was watching early 00's classics such as Sweet November and Here on Earth on Netflix on Demand. It's good to know that some things never change.
Saturday, February 12, 2011 @ 10:11 pm
I eat and I buy things. That's pretty much it.  
My last day of class was on Thursday, and most of my time since then has been spent stuffing my face with food that I know is bad for me. Such is the life of a culinary student. And this was after I visited the Guittard chocolate factory with my class. The tour itself was fairly standard; if you've ever seen any of those shows on the Food Network like Unwrapped that show you how different foods are made, well, then, you pretty much saw what I saw. But, there was an added bonus...Collapse )

The last things I will ever make in culinary school.Collapse )

I already posted this on my Tumblr, but I must share once again my amazing new Pride and Prejudice fleece sweatshirt. I discovered it at Out of Print Clothing about a month ago but my size wasn't available, to my dismay. Then I randomly went back to the website and found out that size small was back in stock, so I snapped that baby up. It arrived in the mail yesterday, upon which I tore the package open, put the sweatshirt on and declared it my new favorite piece of clothing. Picture time! Collapse )